Friday, March 12, 2010

Amici - Over the Rainbow 3/6/10

Tomorrow will be a week since Amici crossed over the Rainbow. It doesn't seem possible. The first day of going back to work was rough. My morning routine revolved around Amici (bathroom, eating, meds, etc). I was out of sorts all morning on Monday. I did okay until I got in the car. My key chain has Amici on it because he has a picture ID for his microchip. I took one look at that and just bawled. I tried to clean myself up before entering work. I was doing fine until a co worker (who had heard about Amici's passing) asked me how I was and how long Amici had been with us. I couldn't even answer the question. I just began to cry. I went into my office (and thanked God that I had my own office), cried and then pulled myself together as best as I could. I went out to that co worker and apologized for breaking down. Monday was just rough all the way around. The rest of the week was gradually better but when I look back I think it was "better" because I was right out straight at work.

Today was hard. It was my first day off with Aiden by myself. Usually it would be me, Aiden and Amici. We'd do the mundane things (eat, use bathroom, etc.) but then we'd have storytime (when I say "we" I mean the 3 of us), play, Aiden would nap and then I would spend time with Amici. There were times today that I felt like I was boring. I know Aiden can't talk but if he could, I would swear that he was looking for Amici today.

I miss Amici so much. He was such a good dog. He was a true friend and I did so many things with him. When I was pregnant he was so attentive and sweet. He used to kiss my stomach when I would get dressed in the mornings. When I threw up, Amici was by my side. I couldn't have asked for a better pup when Alan & I brought Aiden home. Amici was interested but gentle. He never reacted negatively to Aiden and I love him even more because of that. I really wanted Aiden to grow up with Amici.

Alan & I had previously discussed that when Amici did pass over the Rainbow Bridge, we would probably get a pup for our family soon after. People may be surprised that we are thinking of getting another dog so soon, but for us, it is just too difficult to have all of Amici's things around and not feel totally empty inside. I never thought I would see the day when I would cry when I vacuumed up husky hair.

We are having a female malamute puppy join our family the weekend of the 27th of March. We don't have a name picked out yet. We got to meet her Mom and Dad and liked them an awful lot. Aiden got to meet the little girl puppy and they seemed to like one another.

I hope that folks understand that by no means are we trying to replace Amici. He can't be replaced. There is a huge void in our family right now and the next step for us, is to add another pup to our family. As you know, I love dogs with all of my heart and my hope is that Aiden may share my passion some day (if not, I at least want to instill how important it is to be kind and respectful to dogs/animals). I hope we have your support and well wishes as we embark on a new journey.

Here are some precious pictures of Amici & Aiden:
Oct, 9, 2009 (Aiden isn't even a month old yet)

Aiden- 7 Weeks old Loving Amici

1 month & 1 day old Aiden with his pal Amici

Amici- counter part to Aiden's costume as a monkey. Amici had a banana on his back and he was carting around the chunky monkey ice cream. :)

3months & 2 weeks old Aiden. Amici & Aiden both look up when I snap my fingers. :)

Aiden's 1st Christmas Eve

Jan 23, 2010

First- Rice Cereal. Amici is there to cheer Aiden on (and catch any droppings of course....)

Valentine's Day- sharing secrets

Aiden- 5mths 4wks old. Last photo shoot of the two of them together. Amici loved to kiss Aiden. He even loved it without food involved (like in this shot). This was totally unrehearsed and it shows the kind of friendship they had.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Amici & Aiden

Above are the first photos I have been able to get with Amici & Aiden. Amici has been really good with Aiden. He perks his ears up whenever Aiden cries and looks at me sternly if he thinks I am taking too long to respond (e.g. Aiden just wakes up while in his crib). He kisses Aiden on occassion (especially if Aiden just ate but sometimes he'll do it after a big cry session- I think he is trying to make Aiden feel better). And, if Aiden cries too much and it bugs Amici, Amici will just ask to go outside.

Once Aiden is able to hold his head up I hope to get more pictures of them together. I haven't wanted to put him on Amici because he is so fragile right now & Amici doesn't really like people laying on him or cuddling with him too much.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Welcome Aiden- the newest Pennington family member

Aiden Elias Pennington was welcomed into our family on Wed. August 26th at 12:50PM. We were able to go home on Saturday. Kana and Amici were both here (Shawn- Kana's human was in a wedding so we had Kana for the weekend). Kana left us a present in our room when we returned (poo- ick...which wasn't the nicest welcoming home gift). Shawn and Mary Ellen had brought home one of Aiden's hats that he had been wearing in the hospital. Kana went crazy when he sniffed it but Amici just sniffed it and then went on his merry own way. That is how the first introduction went too. Amici just sniffed Aiden and then went and rested. Kana sniffed and sniffed and barked- he was basically really hyper. Kana was good with Aiden just a lot more excitable and he wanted to shove his nose all over Aiden most of the time. Once Kana went home Amici paid a little more attention to Aiden. He has given him some kisses and has seemed to just accept that this little one is now a part of our family. So far the only mishaps we've had are: Amici some how got a hold of a used vaseline pad and chomped on that for a bit until we caught him and he spilled Aiden's breast milk once as well (I have to pump already because my breast milk supply has been low). Other than that, Amici has seemed to do well. He is confused why I am home every day and still tries to go into the kennel each morning. We've tried to keep the same eating and bathroom schedule for Amici so when I do return back to work he isn't too messed up.

I hope to get a picture of Aiden and Amici soon. I am not comfortable yet having Aiden lay on Amici with no one else around and me holding a camera trying to get their picture. I hope we get one of the 2 of them soon!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Amici: Adjusting to all the new stuff

I am now on my 33rd week of pregnancy. I never imagined that it would go by this fast. Depending on if our little baby boy arrives on his due date, we only have a month and 15 days to go! Last week we had a 3-D ultrasound done to check on how the baby was developing, etc. So far, the doctor states that he looks good. He weighed 4lbs and 13 ounces at 32 weeks. I asked the doctor if that meant I was going to have one "big" baby but she said she thought his full weight will be around 8lbs.
Here is two of the 3-D pictures from the ultrasound. It is amazing what the ultrasound can show you:

Last weekend my family and close friends threw me a baby shower back in my hometown. It was a wonderful shower and we were blessed with receiving a lot of necessasity items (car seat, crib, etc.).

Here is a picture of the homemade quilt my Aunt Susan made for the baby:

Amici has been a good sport about all the new stuff. He definitely sniffed out all the baby shower bags hoping one of them were for him. He isn't used to having gifts come in the house that aren't aimed for him, but he did all right and just sniffed.
Amici in the "Where's Waldo, I mean Amici :)" picture:

The baby's crib all set up and Amici looking comfortable next to it. This is in our room. The crib will eventually go into the baby's room which will be a lemon souffle color.

I think our blog may be taking a new turn to it. I'll definitely still be posting about Amici but I will also be adding information about our little baby to be. I thought about making a separate site for the baby but it is just too much to keep up with. Amici doesn't seem to mind sharing as long as he is included in all that we do. I hope we get a thumbs up from all the DWB pups/their folks. :)