Friday, May 11, 2007

Idiopathic epilepsy

This post was going to be about our upcoming vacation and my worries about leaving Amici behind. Now we have a more urgent matter at hand. At 10:10PM, 5/11/07, Amici had his 4th seizure that we have witnessed. This one started with his tongue stretching, acting like he was choking on something (a few seconds), and then went into laying all the way down, twitching, shaking, paws moving, foam and drool coming out of his mouth, and whimpering. If it is traumatic for us, I can only imagine what he must feel like. At about 10:16PM he started to pace. This seizure seemed to last the longest, be the most violent, and have the longest recovery time. Right now he is at my feet as I am typing this, breathing steadily.

You just feel so helpless. The only thing we can do is make sure he is as safe as possible while having the seizure. He is on medication which he has been taking since April 24th (his last seizure that we saw). He is taking phenobarbital 32.4MG 2x day. We have had some side effects. These past couple of weeks he has had 2 accidents in our home (which since he was a puppy he has only gone to the bathroom 2x in our home, both of those he was sick with diarrhea); been more thirsty; needed to pee more; and last week he peed himself without seeming to even know it. This week, his side effects seemed to have lessen, but now he has had his 4th seizure.

All I know is that it makes you want to just cry. He is our little guy and we love him to death. Just like anyone, we just want him to be healthy, happy, and live a long life.

Good thing out of this- he's had almost 17 days without having a seizure (that we know of...). Maybe the medication is helping a bit but it looks like we need more testing to be sure.


stephen said...

I hope you beat it with the meds ,a great looking pet

Veronica G. said...

I hope he'll recover, definitely and soon...
It's sad to see pets suffering :(
All the best for all of you,

Lee :) said...

Thanks so much for sharing your concern and best wishes. It is so nice to know that there are caring people out there! Thank-You!

Q said...

let me know if you need anything, m'dear. i know what this is like- it's tough, but he's got a good mom :)

MC, M.D. said...

One thing I can share that may give you some comfort is that in people, they're not normally conscious during the kind of seizure you describe. They can tell when it's coming, and the next thing they're aware of is that it's over. They have no recollection of what happens during the seizure. A small comfort, I know, but hopefully it helps.

PiratesGrrl said...

Since we're new to your blog we're kind of just catching up. I have seizures about every quarter and I'll go through a 24-36 hour period where I'll have clusters. I've been on Phenobarbital since Mom found me over eight years ago, now I'm also on Potassium Bromide and Gapapentin and it's really stretched out the time in between.

Anyway, if you ever need to talk about it or whatever Mom is always around. She worries about me 24/7 so she has a lot of time.

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