Monday, June 04, 2007

Could this evening get even more traumatic?

I have a pretty bad cold. I got it on Friday and Sat. and Sun. the cold became progressively worse. Yesterday, Alan didn't even have to touch me to know that I had a fever. Today, I sucked it up and went to work hoping I wouldn't contaminate the people around me. I tried to stay in my office as much as possible (doing paperwork) and I washed my hands A LOT. I made it through the day and got home at about 5:20 as I decided to go the quicker way (took the highway instead of 295). As I got out of the CR-V I heard Amici crying. Sometimes he does that when he hears our vehicles in the driveway (or hopefully he hasn't been doing that all day). I get inside the house and jollily go up the stairs. I open our bedroom door and see that Amici's kennel door is wide dog. I think that little bugger, I wonder how he got out this time. I had made sure that both latches were pulled over, pushed down and I even pulled the kennel door in the morning to make sure it was latched tight. All of a sudden I look up and see Amici dangling in the window, stuck between the window sill and the air conditioner. I try to pull him gently backwards but he starts to whine and I am scared that I am hurting him. He is trying to go forward but I know that if he does that he'll hit the porch roof, slide off and then break something or worse, die. At this point I don't think I really was thinking or acting like myself. I picked up my cellphone (still had my jacket on cause I was going to let him outside to go to the bathroom) and try to dial Applebee's (Alan's work). It isn't working and I only have 1 bar left. I leave the dog for a minute and get the phone off of Alan's night stand. I thought I dialed Applebee's but here's the conversation (or at least chunks of is sort of a blur): Person answers- "911" Me- "May I speak to Alan" Person- "this is 911" Me- "Look, this isn't funny, I have an emergency and I really need to speak to Alan. Isn't this Applebee's? (at this point I break down and begin to cry). 911 Operator- "This isn't Applebee's, this is 911 and it is for emergency purposes only" Me- "This is an emergency, I do have an emergency. My dog is stuck in the 2nd story window between the air conditioner and I can't get him out" I am now sobbing uncontrollably. 911 Person- "What is your name and address" I tell him. He tells me to stay on the phone and I hear him telling someone to send Animal Control and a fire truck. All the while I have Amici's collar and I am holding on for dear life. The 911 person told me I could put down the phone if I needed to. In an instance I put the phone down and tell the man that I am going to try Alan again on my cell phone. I finally find my contact list, thank God that Alan's name begins with an A and scroll down to his work number. Applebee's girl picks up- "Hi and thank you for calling Applebee's this is so and so how may I help you? Me- Sobbing "It's Lee, I have an emergency, I need Alan." She says okay, get Alan. Alan answers the phone in his Applebee's voice and I quickly tell him where Amici is in between sobs. He says he'll be right there. All the while 911 still was on the line (with the phone on the bed), me holding the cellphone with my right hand and holding Amici's collar with my left. I pick up the 911 phone and let them know that I called Alan. They said the Animal Control and fire truck are still on the way but if we get the dog out before they get there to please call 911 back. I said "okay" and thanked them. All of a sudden Amici stops making noise and his back legs/feet are just dangling like they are dead. I am now thinking the worse but keep telling Amici that everything is going to be okay. I hear Alan's car pull in the driveway and apparently Amici does too as he begins to whimper again. Still I am thinking that if we get Amici out of here he is going to be severely hurt. Alan comes barrelling up the stairs, yanks the blinds out of the windowsill so he can look at Amici better. I am still holding onto Amici's collar and Alan tells me to hold on to his back legs. I am crying, snot is coming out of my noise from my cold, and I just want our dog back. Alan miraculously pulls the air conditioner out of the window and I just do what he says to do. Once the air conditioner is out I yank Amici back inside and Alan does too as we just want him to be on the same ground we were. Amici is wagging his tail, doing his happy husky talk, and trying to figure out what is wrong with us. Alan is checking Amici all over for blood, tender areas (pushing down hard on Amici's body) and all I can do is just stand there and sob. I haven't cried so much and so hard since my Grandpa passed away in 1995 (those were sad tears though). Although these tears were different they still had the same bodily reaction. Alan stayed for a few minutes and made sure Amici was okay and that I was okay. He hugged me for a long time and just let me cry. Amici kept coming back from outside (by this time he needed to go pee but we left the porch door open and sliding door open so he could come back inside ASAP) to check on us. Poor little guy, he couldn't figure out what was wrong. I think I stopped shaking once I knew Amici was okay and we could cuddle together. We have a vet appt coming up and I've emailed the vet to let him know what has happened. Amici does have a tiny bit of blood on his nose which we think is from him pushing his way out of the kennel. Alan went back to work but thankfully came back home about 15 minutes later. It was so nice to have the 3 of us together and safe. Right now Amici is chewing his bone right by my left side as I am typing this. All I can say is....Marley....I hope Amici doesn't show you up (Marley from the book Marley and Me - fantastic book if you haven't read it yet).

Now it is 8PM and I am a bit more calm. It feel good having everyone home and I feel like such a dippy for thinking that I called Applebee's when in fact I called 911 first. I guess I just let my fingers do the thinking. I hope the 911 person didn't think I was rude, cause I really wasn't trying to be. Alan said I freaked out the Applebee's girl. She thought someone had died because I was sobbing so bad. I did call 911 back to let them know Alan got the dog back in and that we didn't need the fire truck or animal control anymore. The 911 lady thanked me for calling back and she said she was "glad that our dog was safe". What nice people.

What are we going to do tomorrow? Well, I'll begrudgingly go to work, as will Alan. We have a paddle lock for the kennel now (it appears that he was using all his weight to push open the kennel door). We have no air conditioner now, Amici, before he decided to try and jump out the window, chewed on the cord. It is a wonder that he didn't get electrocuted. Alan has locked the window shut and the blinds are no longer there for Amici to chew on. So...hopefully if he does get out (cross fingers that he doesn't) he'll just chew on the bed or long as he doesn't try that stunt again. I am too young to have a heart attack. :P


Q said...

oh my god!

i'm so glad he's ok!

they certainly do know how to give us heart attacks, don't they?

oh, and marley and me? great book!

cyber-sibes said...

All we can say is.....woooos! How did you do it, Amici? That is certainly an award-winning antic. Next time, just wait till the humans get just about in the door before you take a flying leap to freedom, dude. You'll give them a thrill, but not danger yourself so much in the process. We're wagging our tails that you're alright. Go give your poor girl a kiss, she sounds wiped out.

Star & Sherman

cyber-sibes said...

Wooos, that had us on the edge of our floor! Next time you want to give your humans a thrill, wait till they're just about in the door before launching yourself to freedom. No use endangering yourself in the process!
Do you think they "got it"? Crates may be fine for some dogs, but we huskies need room to manuver in and something to do-- "a tired husky is a good husky"

Woooooos to your creativity, Amici!
Star & Sherman

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Amici, you're going to make your mom have a breakdown. Be careful next time okay?

Steve and Kat

Kerrio said...

Bloomin 'eck!