Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hinckley Park

After the dog park this morning (where Amici got some great running time in), we ventured off to Hinckley Park in South Portland, ME. It is one of the parks in the area that allow dogs off the leash; however, Amici stayed on his due to the high risk of him not staying with me. It was a nice park and there are two ponds there that the dogs are allowed to swim in. Amici took dips into the water but he didn't go out deeper or even try to swim. It is apparent that he loves the water, but we can't tell if he'll actually swim or not some day. It was a hot day here in Maine so at least Amici had a good way to cool off. He was really confused with the other dogs as they just kept running and jumping into the deep end. He kept looking at them like they were nuts. Overall, it was a great park and hopefully we'll return there again soon with Kana tagging along too. :)

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Lee :) said...

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