Saturday, June 16, 2007


This adorable siberian husky needs a forever home. Right now he is at the Brunswick, ME Animal Shelter. Here is what they say about him:
Sebastian is a 3-4 year old Husky; he is neutered and weighs approximately 67 pounds. This friendly laid-back sort of guy can be somewhat aloof as are many of this breed. Because of his strong prey drive we recommend no small
animals or cats in his new home. Sebastian likes other dogs and would prefer a home with another dog. He is fine with men, women, and children over the age of ten. He came to us as a stray looking for a family where he can establish lasting bonds. Sebastian can vocalize and is quite a talker. He needs to be adopted by an owner experienced with this breed. This young boy is housetrained. Because he is an escape
artist, a fenced-in yard would be ideal.

I hope someone finds him to be a good match for their family soon and takes him home to be loved. Check out this site for more dogs in that particular area of Maine. For some reason this is one of the few shelters that seems to shelter Siberian Huskies.

I wish we could have another dog (and a good permanent playmate for Amici) but not everyone in the family is ready for that. Kana (our brother in law's siberian husky) is great though and we are lucky to have him.

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