Sunday, July 08, 2007

4th of July- Celebrated on the 5th :)

We were headed to Eastern Prom in Portland to see the fireworks on the 4th but then it started to rain. We heard on the radio that Old Orchard Beach's fireworks were being postponed until the 5th so we decided to not go sit in the rain and we would wait until the next night to see the fireworks on the beach. We went to Shawn's on the 5th and Amici is always invited there. Shawn and his girlfriend were too tired to go to the fireworks, so they relaxed with Kana and Amici while Alan and I went to OOB's fireworks near the pier. It was a great show and we had a fantastic time (especially knowing that Amici was safe and sound having fun with Kana).
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Picture of the ferris wheel at OOB. People were still riding it while the fireworks were shooting off over the edge of the ocean.


Kapp pack said...

Wow, I saw fireworks last night at the campground and I spent the whole time on Dad's lap. Dad said 65 pounds is too heavy for a lap dog. What do you think?


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh how cool!!! That ferris wheel is very awesome. I am glad that Amici got to play with Kana and that the humans got to enjoy the beautiful fireworks!!!