Sunday, November 09, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was a good time. The children that came to trick or treat were actually in costume (last year many were not) and a lot of the costumes were quite creative. Also, it was very nice to see how many children came out with their parents. We didn't have any dogs this year (last year we had 1).

Before Halloween came we had Kana over for a night. He decided to be a bit of a punk and actually was a little aggressive towards me. The next morning everyone was fine but I thought I'd try on Amici's old Halloween costumes on Kana. Below is the video that I made and sent to my brother in law (Kana's human), our parents, etc.

Hit play or go here to watch the show.

Amici was a bug this year for Howl-leen! I had my sights set on a bumble bee costume but none of the dog costumes at the store fit Amici. I thought Amici might be costume free this year until I searched my own closet. I had been a bug for my last trick or treating adventure back in college. I still had the bug part in my closet so I brought it out, tried it on Amici, and VOILA it fit!! This is how cute he looked:

One of my favorite pictures from the night. He was such a good pup.


Raising Addie said...

Awww... poor baby... you don't look very happy with those costumes on.

Make sure you are super nice and maybe it won't happen again.

Have a great day!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Ah yes: THE LOOK!

Followed by "I'll watch this fur woo if you need to go do anything"

What khute khostumes fur such Handsome Khanines!


Sparky said...


You and Kana make the best bug and dinosaur ever! These pictures are pawesome... I hope you had a GRRRReat HOWL-ooo-ween!


The OP Pack said...

Woo two are so adorable - we loved your costumes. Dino and Bugs. how cute.

Woos, the OP Pack

Kathryn and Ari said...

We're super impressed you got Amici to wear a costume! Love the new banner photo, too!!!

Kapp pack said...

You look so cute in your costume! Where was your new header photo taken. Mom thinks she recognizes the background as n old fort they saw when exploring the ME coast to find lighthouses.

Thor and Marco Polo and 3 Kats said...


You are so pretty - and the costume is quite adorable! Did you hate it too much?

Thor and Marco Polo

Ruby said...

Hi Amici
You & Kana look great in your costumes. Yellow & green are your colours.
I love your new header picture. You look so beautiful. When your page opens up, you look so good, I just want to give you a big kiss.
Love Ruby

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Amici, you look adorable! You're the cutest bug I've ever seen!

We only had three trick-o-treaters. It was pretty boring.


The Thundering Herd said...

The costume looks very chewy. Did you try it? We would!

The Husky in the Window said...

You are such a good pup. Hope you got lots of treats!
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Franki V said...

You are very good sport to wear the Hallowe'en outfit for your humans! They definitely need humouring once in a while.:-)
I love your banner photo. It is the best photo on the whole internet!

Your pal,
Franki V